Chris B.
There are body workers and massage therapists who are highly skilled and trained, who will give you an amazing massage. And then there are the very rare gifted healers like Irene, who in addition to all that, understand your body on an energetic level, are able to "listen" to exactly what it needs, and find just the right spots, with just the perfect pressure, to release huge amounts of stress and tightness, leaving you feeling healed, released, opened, and transformed. Irene is one of those healers. If you get the chance to have a session with her, you should not hesitate. Simply on a whole different level.
Kimberly K.
I have received multiple hyponotherapy sessions with Irene, some that have been life changing. She has a gentle and heart centered approach to her work. A real gem.
Rowan W.
Irene is a talented healer who gives 100% in her consultations. She helped me clear some stored energy/trauma and feel relaxed in my body. Thanks Irene!
Eric L.
Irene has been our Go-To body work therapist for years and never fails to amaze at her ability to connect and work through deep tensions that build up between each session. Prior to Irene I believed I needed to endure a lot of pain to break through the knots, but she has taught me that a skilled healer can both make the experience one of extreme pleasure while having the lasting impact of relief well beyond the day of the session. Trying Irene once is all it takes to set the course for years of commitment to her healing touch!
Carolina K.
I've had wonderful experiences with Irene for many years now and count myself blessed to have found her! She's intuitive and unique in her ability to blend so many different healing modalities that I feel no matter what kind of session I've booked, I get deeper insight into my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. She's been so helpful in both my healing and growth - I can't thank her enough! I've recommended her to many of my family and friends, and they all love her! Thank you, Irene.
K S.
Irene is an amazing intuitive healer. She has helped my life and trajectory with her work. I highly recommend doing a session with her.
Carly W.
We booked Irene for 4 x massage sessions and 1 x 30 minute reading at our Russian River house. The massages were awesome and she applied just the right pressure. She's very professional and kind as well, I'd definitely book her again. My friend said she enjoyed her reading, too. :)
Jason K.
There is just something special to say when you get referred by a colleague! That's what happened to my wife and I on our honeymoon. As you can assume by reading this I diligently selected a massage therapist by yelp reviews. However because of the reave reviews she had she was booked solid. This professional trusted Sandy so much as to put her own reputation on the line and referred me to her. IT WAS NOT A DISSAPOINTMENT! Sandy was a total PRO and if I lived on the west coast I would be making appointments with her on a regular basis. Book her now and enjoy!